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Payment and Shipping

Aegir uses the operator Mercado Pago for the clients' financial transactions. Present in all countries, the largest operator in South America is considered the most reliable in the world. With this, the customer who purchases via ticket or credit card on the site is fully insured. The operator releases the payment in the ticket within 2 business days after payment. However, pay attention to internet banking payments, which can be automatically scheduled by the due date of the ticket. In the case of a credit card, it is approved or refused at the time of purchase, in 5% of cases a deadline of up to 2 business days for approval for security reasons.

The delivery is always made on a business day at 17:00. Orders released by the carrier until this time are sent on this date, after this time will be done the next business day. After the order has been released, your merchandise is sent automatically without the need to send receipts.
The deadline for dispatch of the goods after the order is released by the operator is 2 working days.

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